A Car Accident Claim: 4 Reasons an Insurer May Reject It

One of the most distressful situations most car owners dread is being involved in a car accident. What worries most car owners are not the inevitable car damages or intense physical injuries sustained, but the possibility of the insurer denying them claims. Although sometimes the insurer has genuine reasons they deny or reject a claim, they at times make it deliberate. If a car accident victim doesn’t work with experienced trucking accident lawyers who understand various car insurance policies, a positive outcome is not guaranteed. Any of the below reasons is enough to make an insurer reject your claims.


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Mismatched purpose and use


Most insurers insist that car owners should use their cars in line with the purpose for which they insured them. For instance, if you bought a personal insurance policy for your car and you were using it for commercial purposes by the time the accident occurred, the insurer may reject the claim. But if the policy and use matched, it would take the efforts of the trucking accident lawyers to successfully fight back the malicious intentions of your insurer.


Claimed intoxication


Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is prohibited in most countries across the world since it’s a leading cause of fatal car accidents. However, this does not mean all accidents occur when the involved drivers are intoxicated. Sometimes, this could just be a concocted fallacy from an insurer who doesn’t want to pay the claims. If it’s proved you were not intoxicated and the insurer still seems not willing to compensate, you would then have to involve the best car accident lawyers in Nashville in your car accident case.


Delayed reporting


One thing people should clearly understand is that most insurers would just look for something small and magnify it just to avoid compensating the victims. Most insurers give those involved in car accidents a window period of about 48 hours to report the accident. While some insurers may extend this timeframe by a few more hours, others would not even wait for the 48th hour before they have closed the window period. Their main aim is to make the victims believe they have reported the matter late and compensation would, therefore, not be available. What most of the best truck wreck lawyers in Nashville do, is helping their clients report the accident to their insurer immediately.


No receipts to support the theft claim


When an accident occurs, precious items in the car may be stolen besides leaving the car damaged. The insurer knows they are responsible for compensating both your car and its insured items. However, if you gave your insurer all the genuine receipts that support legal ownership of those items, things may take a different shift if your insurer displaces some of them. The insurer may try denying it, but competent trucking accident lawyers would soon discover them.

Making any car accident claim a success has never been easy without the help of experienced lawyers. Even the insurer who should compensate you for the damages and injuries you had would in most incidences hide their head under the sun. It’s a possible scenario particularly if you don’t hire the best 18 wheeler wreck lawyers in Nashville to push them.

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