Vehicle accident? Keep Calm and Call Your Accident Lawyer

During a minor car accident, you probably wish you just stubbed your toe or stepped on a lego at home, instead of being trapped in the middle of the road in Las Vegas, waiting for the authorities with an equally agitated stranger. But who are we kidding? During these times, you may feel heights of emotions. Inconvenience and state of shock aside, you may wonder: what should one do first when caught in a minor car accident? Should you call an auto accident lawyer or cry in the corner?

To make it easier for you, here is a list of things you should do when you’re caught in an unfortunate minor car accident:



First things first, calm your nerves

It’s perfectly normal to panic and to be in a state of shock, especially if you’re injured. But whatever happens, do your best to stay calm. As what a motorcycle accident attorney Las Vegas has these days would advise, being patient whenever something unexpected happens will help you think clearly and rationally. Next, after you’ve calmed yourself, check for wounds and injuries. If you think you can manage to wait for a few minutes until help comes along, then you’d better stay and wait.

During your free time, you can practice being calm by improving your self-talk and imagine you’re your own coach. Start saying nice things to yourself—it may sound silly, but it works.


Call your lawyer

Next, call your auto accident lawyer. Truth be told there are problems that could be too hard to detail to the police properly. If you hired a semi truck accident attorney, ask them to understand what to affirm to the authorities even before they record your police narrative. You can ask your legal counsel just after you called the authorities to head to your location. Talk over with an auto accident attorney Las Vegas has today about the subsequent procedures to undertake, and you probably will want to speak with each other once in a while as you wait from where you are.


Take photos of the scene

During accidents, documentation is crucial. If your smartphone is still in one piece, don’t hesitate to take pictures of the scene. Do not relocate any object as that could be your serious mistake. Observe of the circumstances you can recall as well. This helps you outline your series of occurrences afterward. Click here Hale Injury Law


Look or enquire about the nearest clinic or medical centre 

If you’re in downtown, it is best advised by any auto accident lawyer to seek the nearest healthcare professionals and have your health reports listed. Doing this backs your insurance plan reimbursement and entire case review. Be reminded to take notes of your healing stages while times go on. You can discuss this with your healthcare practitioner or you can jot down in a journal.


Lean on your support system

The ensuing weeks may involve resolving the case. During this time, you’ll be exhausted from all the legalities and the aftermath of the accident. In these times, lean on your family and friends. You’ll need their support as much as you can. As for the legal arrangements, talk to your lawyer about how much effort you’ll have to exert in engaging with the other party. Consult with your legal practitioner relating to insurance considerations plus all the reimbursements needed. For more information, visit at

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